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All personal info and email addresses are kept confidential. By submitting your expression of interest you are consenting to receive telephone calls from a counselor even if you have been previously listed on a state or federal Do-Not-Call List.
Debt that can be helped with includes unsecured debts such as Credit cards, Department Store Cards, Personal loans and lines of credit, Medical, Legal, Cell Phone and Health Club Membership bills. In addition, there are programs available for tax debt, home loan modifications, lender litigation and defaulted student loans.

Mortgages, auto, motorcycle and boat loans are all considered secured debt.

Step 1: A debt counselor will contact you by phone and email for your free, no obligation analysis of your financial situation. The counselor will recommend the best solution that fits your particular needs.

Step 2: With your approval a licensed provider or attorney will contact your creditors and start negotiations on your behalf.

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